Wendy Atkinson has issued three stunning solo records. Her bass playing is the perfect marriage to David Lester’s (Mecca Normal) inimitable guitar style which on their band Horde of Two’s first record Guitar and Bass Actions delivered on the promise of what the duo could do together musically. Their abstract instrumental landscapes can surprisingly veer into hooky terra firma territory, and just as quickly explode into a Glenn Gould Morricone melodrama score.

On their second release, I Knew I Was a Rebel Then Due out on January 21st on Bamboo Dart Press (and available for preorder here) the two split the CD and the book in two, with half of each offering a suite on the Spanish revolutionary Buenaventura Durutti. The book features writings and illustrations to accompany the musical suite of Horde of Two by Lester. The second half of the book and the CD features songs unrelated to the Durutti compositions. Photography, a history on this project, and fiction by Atkinson that explodes the idea of what a record is or what a book is mark the second half of the book. We are thrilled to be issuing this unique work as our second Bamboo Dart Press special project following last years deluxe issue of Refrigerator’s So Long to Farewell whose deluxe colored vinyl edition of the LP featured an Exclusive Bamboo Dart Press put together by the band as well as a bonus CD (a few copies remain, see link).

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