Save The Mission Drive In

For those of us in the IE, Montclair’s Mission Tiki Drive In remains one of the crown jewels of the area. The orange groves are gone, the retro movie house that was the last leg of The Canyon theater in San Dimas is gone, the small venues and book stores that are gone, some, by […]

Mark Givens “A Circle of Birds” is out today on Bamboo Dart Press

I am thrilled to share with you the latest book on our Bamboo Dart Press imprint. Mark Givens is an artist, writer, publisher and songwriter. I mention that because all of those talents meet up in this children’s parable that he has written and illustrated titled A Circle of Birds which is available today. Graphically […]

Mark Givens trailer for “A Circle of Birds” debuts

Mark Givens follows up his collaborative book with bandmate Joel Huschle of Wckr Spgt with a book written and illustrated by him entitled A Circle of Birds. The book is out on February 16th and is available for preorder now at Bamboo Dart Press. This parable for a divided age, beautifully illustrated, lodges in the […]