James Ducat trailer for “A Field of Nopes” book on Bamboo Dart Press premieres

James Ducat’s new book of blackout poems is a mostly lighthearted, occasionally philosophical journey through selected application and rejection materials from the many teaching jobs he applied for a decade back but did not get.

These poems quietly blast through the wall of mystique surrounding rejection. Drawing from redacted official letters and other application materials, Ducat has delivered a collection that echoes the satiric tradition of Kafka and Vonnegut, the economy and wordplay of Dickinson and cummings, the lyricism of Rilke and Neruda. Readers will find here a kindred of yeses.—Jo Scott-Coe, Unheard Witness: The Life and Death of Kathy Leissner Whitman (UT Press)

The book is out April 18th and is available for preorder here. Check out the trailer below featuring footage shot and read by the author, edited and scored by Dennis Callaci.