1000 hand drawn and painted cassette covers by Dennis Callaci

     Dennis Callaci is drawing and painting with some Dewey Redman on the turntable and coffee at his side. Get a one of a kind cassette J-Card drawn, painted, signed and numbered by him with your choice of artist and title (real or imagined) for $40. Caveat Emptor, a request such as Eric Clapton “Old Sock” may not have Clapton’s name or title on it for there are some things one just can’t do. You will get an interpretation of that record nonetheless. The finished artwork will be mailed out to you (Artwork only, no cassette nor shell). Click on the contact icon at the top of the site with your email address, ship to address, artist & title request and you will be emailed payment info and schedule for completion and delivery.  

     These J-cards are hand folded to fit into a cassette shell of your own.  Eric Clapton “Old Sock” without his name on it and a cassette you record noise on for yer Pop?  Sounds like a great way to rerecord history.