Shrimper Roster

The crank behind the wheel is still alive and can’t be trusted to talk truthfully about the label. Hell, you can’t even buy anything directly from him, you’ll have to go to a record store or order via Revolver or Grapefruit (see links above). Shrimper Records was never involved in the graham cracker lemonade cookie clip art rage that swept the nation decades back and is too unlearned, unconcerned about being some part of that great gig of Ruth Buzzi skying her eternity away, oxygen tanked in space. It is late at night, maybe early in the morning. You are tired. Best to go to sleep. Your friends and family will thank you for that in the morning or the afternoon or the evening. No one likes a crank. No one wants to be forced fed take out. I got a restaurant for one and a bathroom for the entire household. Don’t clench, you can exhale it all away.