Carol D. Marsh’s Border/Between: A Symphony in Essays is out today on Bamboo Dart Press

Carol D. Marsh’s Border/Between: A Symphony in Essays is a stunning work.  I have explained in detail in a link to the trailer for the book why this book moves me to the degree that it does, so no introduction, I feel, is necessary.  In the conversation below that I had with Marsh, her heart […]

Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s second book on Bamboo Dart Press due July 15, trailer premiere

Stephanie Barbé Hammer is a busy woman. Her latest novel, Pretend Plumber was issued just six weeks ago on the Inlandia book imprint. You can read her musings on a regular basis via her blog where slices of her insight, humor, darkness and fantastical writing are served up near al a carte on a regular […]

God Is My Co-Pilot Knock it out in under two minutes

Way back when, God Is My Co-Pilot issued a cassette only release on Shrimper. They were a blur with a release a week it seemed like for a good Goddamned while. The band has continued to fly by the seat of its pants econo style and scratch up material in seconds when the inspiration hits […]

Carol D. Marsh “Border/Between: A Symphony in Essays” trailer premieres, preorder now

I have never read a book quite like Carol D. Marsh’s forthcoming chapbook due out on Bamboo Dart Press on June 30th. The book is a knee play symphony written as four movements. The skeletal outline of the book is important. This is life in song, music in words that get me as close to […]

Second Single/Video for Ben Woods Premieres

The second single from the forthcoming Ben Woods record is a beautiful duet between Ben and Lucy Hunter (from the NZ band Opposite Sex) and features Marlon Williams tape mangled choir. The b/w video, directed by Julian Vares matches the mood and slow pour down of the track, Wearing Divine from Wood’s Dispeller album. Preorders […]

Cati Porter’s “Novel” is out today on Bamboo Dart Press

Cati Porter writing has one foot in the material world and the other in the fantastical. Bones might be veins in her world, flesh becoming sequins, but the heart and mind of her writing is lodged firmly in the reality of earth one. In her newest work, Novel, which is out today on Bamboo Dart […]

The Secret Stars debut is available for pre-order now

The long awaited issue of the first Secret Stars cassette only release from 1995 streets on July 1st. The first press of the LP is limited to just over 500 copies on heavyweight clear vinyl with two inserts (liner notes and a tour poster reproduction as seen above) and is available for preorder. The CD […]