Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s second book on Bamboo Dart Press “City Slicker” is out today

I spoke to Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s on the eve of the publication of her new book City Slicker being issued. We had the following conversation about this astonishing new work of hers that took a lifetime to compose. The batteries in the smoke detector alerted me all histrionic when I said this aloud that there […]

Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s second book on Bamboo Dart Press due July 15, trailer premiere

Stephanie Barbé Hammer is a busy woman. Her latest novel, Pretend Plumber was issued just six weeks ago on the Inlandia book imprint. You can read her musings on a regular basis via her blog where slices of her insight, humor, darkness and fantastical writing are served up near al a carte on a regular […]

Stephanie Barbe Hammer’s Rescue Plan is out this week on Bamboo Dart

Stephanie Barbe Hammer’s Rescue Plan is a complex little novella. I have gone back to it a number of times over the ensuing months since I first read it. The characters that inhabit the book are complex, the reveal in the small minute and most of them do not do nor go where you would […]

Stephanie Barbe Hammer’s “Rescue Plan” due out February 15th on Bamboo Dart

The fourth book on Bamboo Dart Press is due out on February 15th, and it is a stunner. Stephanie Barbe Hammer is a poet and novelist with a number of published books in each of these tributaries. Her new book, Rescue Plan is a book of longing. Its brief 45 pages serve as a tour […]

Shrimper + Pelekinesis = Bamboo Dart Press

I am thrilled to announce a new collaborative imprint between Mark Givens & myself, Bamboo Dart Press. Like Shrimper and Mark’s Pelekinesis books, we will be issuing a uniquely curated line of literary & art related releases. As Bamboo Dart Press our aim is to allow writers and artists to godspeed works into the physical […]