“Shaolin Days and DeKalb Nights” by Victor Gastelum and Robert Vodicka is out today on Bamboo Dart Press

Victor Gastelum, known for the artwork he did for numerous punk rock flyers, cover art for SST records and a slew of Calexico releases as well as collaborative work with Josh Bayer and Raymond Pettibon among others branches out with his first collection of abstract images in this book with longtime friend Robert Vodicka, the […]

Victor Gastelum and Robert Vodicka Short for their new book on Bamboo Dart Press premiers

Graphic artist Victor Gastelum, whose work has graced many a punk rock flyer, SST and Calexico record cover among a plethora of other works has collaborated with writer Robert Vodicka, a veteran music head whose work at New Alliance records in the 80’s to early 90’s and stint as a DJ on KSPC on their […]