Sunday Prayers

Sunday May 9, 2021 entry

Jett Williams Writes

I was waiting in line


Maybe May Meis Cantonese noodle shop when I heard the news

They had retrieved Hank Williams still pumping heart

Will wonders never cease?

Be still my beating

Be shallow

My breathing

For beyond the blinds is a killer in wait

Oh, and time means nothing to him

For he’s all the time in the world

I stoplighted

I looked up the photos

I searched up the script

Wrapped up in shrapnel sixty meters beneath the sea

And when they pulled it up

The poor thing  was near dying

Robert Towne housed it at his father’s duplex

For half of it was useless

The chambers slated to be razed anyway

It brought along with it the slow breath of death

And my breath mirrored it

Appeared ghostly

Unrecognizable to me

Dioxide and other chemicals

Revealed what I am

Where I had been

Foreign as they were

Then to me then



Then to me then

Then to me then

The high rent epics composed from next to nothings

Then sold for a fortune

Traded for some sort of forever

Out of your hands

Out of my mind

I was waiting in line


Some ether ore vein in Santa Anita

When the results came in

Hank junior in tears

Hank the fourth pissed and blind

Awaiting another in that family line

For next to never

I sat with a cracked paperback on my knee

Watching the clock

Awaiting my release

For next to never

It felt like next to never for me

Then to me then

Then to me then

Jett Williams

Pen in hand, searching for paper in her glovebox

Scrawled on the back of a BPA rich receipt

“You don’t care do you?”

She said as she wrote

“I mean, if you do, this is in fact a form of recycling”


She scrawled in ballpoint Walgreen

It is not worth retrieving

She scrawled in ballpoint at an Inyo County Walgreen’s