Sunday Prayers

Sunday March 7, 2021 entry
Land of Nod

Oh god
You wanted so
To be in the land of nod
Of everything’s Okay
Of your elders pushing you on
On deck
On stage
But the elders have all gone away
They have all gone away
No ‘Retha Franklin
No McCartney
No Sunny Murray landing on the beach
Only sorrow
Jamaica say you will
Oh. I know you won’t
I know you will McCartney
I am on my knees when the intruders break in to find me
I am nearly there
But I am still awake
Still aware
As they rifle through my belongings
And tell me I have wasted my money
Their 45’s to my head
But I am at peace
Oh god
I am absent the longing
Of needing you to walk my hands to the promised land
For I could never headstand
I could only crawl
Left knee
Right knee
It doesn’t matter which one lands first
Just make sure
The other one follows