Sunday Prayers

    Sunday October 17, 2021 Entry

Ape Culture

I don’t want to know how you got here

How you landed

If the oxygen fell from the drop ceiling

If you did in fact skid from the blown up photos into some overgrown lagoon

A lagoon that now owns you

That sells souvenirs

That curves

Them cures

Double handed shooken secrets


I don’t want to know the ingredients to the secret sauce

The off in the bleacher sadists

That smiled as you stumbled

That wiped the spittle from the corners of their smile

With a silken handkerchief

A handkerchief from the 1870’s


It was another time

You excuse yourself

It was another time

Ape culture

It is enveloped on Silverado flash white paint

It is Ford F-150 warrantied

It is American greatness

It is Norway arrow bowed silence

If there is some low end exit nearby

I would love to push on the steel teeth its swallowing


“The crown does not do enough for me”


“The crown that you installed, is not enough for me”

As it thirty-six rose salutes with a diaper swag

I had heels

And nails

And what’s more

Blood coursing through the veins I rented

Blue red translucent

I had to kneel

And hail

And what’s more

Pretend that wind was blood

And this wafer then


You get the gist

Ape culture

Monkey see

Monkey do

Ape culture



Pedal to the sediment


This will do

This will do