Stephanie Barbé Hammer’s second book on Bamboo Dart Press due July 15, trailer premiere

Stephanie Barbé Hammer is a busy woman. Her latest novel, Pretend Plumber was issued just six weeks ago on the Inlandia book imprint. You can read her musings on a regular basis via her blog where slices of her insight, humor, darkness and fantastical writing are served up near al a carte on a regular basis. And like a Mark E. Smith, her second book on Bamboo Dart Press is due in two weeks. It is a unique autobiography in verse. It is about the external world and how it shapes the interior of our beings, of her being.

In her book City Slicker (encounters with the outside) Barbé Hammer writes of her life in chronological order using the space she was in at each juncture in both reflection and in real time. This is the work of a lifetime, one ring encircling another as each entry builds upon the previous. It is a miracle of economy, and a book like no other in her canon of works. Check out the reading from the book by Stephanie in the trailer below.

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