I am thrilled to announce a new collaborative imprint between Mark Givens & myself, Bamboo Dart Press. Like Shrimper and Mark’s Pelekinesis books, we will be issuing a uniquely curated line of literary & art related releases. As Bamboo Dart Press our aim is to allow writers and artists to godspeed works into the physical world without the hoops and machinery that slow the process of finished-to-physical work in the realm of books and LPs that are the day jobs of the two parent companies. The initial offerings from Bamboo Dart Press will focus on modestly priced chapbooks that retain the spirit of the DIY spheres that comprise the origins of both Pelekinesis and Shrimper. The chapbook series launches in October 2020 with “The Loss Detector”, a novella-in-flash, by flash fiction superstar Meg Pokrass. Hot on the heels of this spectacular first release will be collections by John and Ann Brantingham, Dennis Callaci, Stephanie BarbĂ© Hammer, Jonathan Lethem and Anna Moschovakis, Nicholas Williams, Joel Huschle, Victor Gastelum, and other notable literary luminaries. Microfiction, essays, short stories, poetry, graphic arts, biography, and independent voices will all feature prominently in these small books. Each chapbook will be available via all of the shared distributors between Shrimper & Pelekinesis, meaning that besides buying them direct from the Bamboo Dart Press website, you can couple these books to other orders you might do at Revolver, Grapefruit, Ingram, Midheaven, SPD, Amazon, and brick & mortar retailers everywhere. More to come soon, here is a sneak at the cover art for the first three books with art by Callaci & layout by Givens.


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