A year of crate digging for artwork, master tapes, old flyers and notes celebrates an anniversary with the delivery of the earliest recordings by The Secret Stars out today on clear vinyl, reflection built in CD and ether heaving digital platforms. Their first release, a cassette only release on Shrimper in 1995 has been lovingly mastered by Carl Saff from the original tape. I have not worked with someone as talented as Carl since the Golden family (John, JJ & April) whose surname is fitting. Like The Golden’s, Saff has an exquisite ear. I mean, he understands the language of this record and has dialed it in without scaring away the ghosts and the spirit. Both the CD & LP sound phenomenal. The Smashed Plastic pressing on clear vinyl looks and sounds stunning. The locked groove and the easter egg at the end of that locked groove can be revealed now, so pick up that stylus and catch the skree. I suggest adopting a copy from your favorite local record store. If that doesn’t work, get it direct from Revolver or Grapefruit.

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