Save The Mission Drive In

For those of us in the IE, Montclair’s Mission Tiki Drive In remains one of the crown jewels of the area. The orange groves are gone, the retro movie house that was the last leg of The Canyon theater in San Dimas is gone, the small venues and book stores that are gone, some, by fortune, supplanted by other small venues that have carried us. We have the ghost of KSPC always in the air to be a companion, untouchable but present.

Larger than life small annexes like KSPC & The Mission Drive In don’t come back one they are gone. KSPC is in no danger of becoming some John Mayer/Ed Sheeran porn radio, but our Beloved Mission Drive In is on the books to become another dead hub of warehouses. More crap for the big boys and girls to sell to us as pre-landfill. More cash flow to the millionaire space travelers for their selfish journeys to uncover only the reflection of their dead sunken eyes in space. There is a petition that you can sign here to draw attention to the plight of The Mission Tiki Drive In. Ideas are being floated by some of us about how to possibly purchase this huge plot of land from the owners in an attempt to keep this outdoor theater alive and thriving, pipe dreams. Here is a start.

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