Robert Scotellaro “God in a Can” book on Bamboo Dart Press

Robert Scotellaro is my favorite magician and my favorite comic book writer. If you talk to him, he will probably understand this though he will profess to being neither a magi nor a panelist. His book on Bambood Dart Press, God in a Can lets you in on the punchline before you even get to the first set up of the many jokes, riddles and dark observations that make up the book. It is a collection of flash and micro fictions that looks at life through a surreal, and often humorous lens, at various societal behaviors, perceptions at a slant, and unusual scenarios. Paradoxically, the underpinnings, at the core, can be very real in the way the stories explore how we live, struggle to live, and hope to. The book is out on May 10th and available for preorder now. Check out the trailer for the book below

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