Peter Cherches short for his new Bamboo Dart Press book “Things” premieres

Things is the third book by Peter Cherches on Bamboo Dart Press. Things known and unknown. Story as thing. The soul of things. The essence of narrative. Bare bones. Blind alleys. Unanswered questions. And poems, a few pantoums and haiku too. Forty things by Peter Cherches. Check out his west coast dates and trailer for the book below.

When Peter Cherches writes about ‘things,’ you can be certain those things may or may not be: serious, humorous, logical, nonexistent, eternal, or shaggy herrings. Imagine Gertrude Stein doing borscht belt standup and you might get a hint of his cryptic yet lucid style. With a terse, reductionist approach, Cherches teases us with the anomalies, quirks, and contradictions of both the English language and daily existence.
—Elliott Sharp, composer, author of IrRational Music

Peter Cherches west coast dates 4/16 Che Cafe, San Diego, 3pm with Victoria Waddle, Andy Palasciano, Dennis Callaci & Allen Callaci + acoustic set
4/20 Beyond Baroque, Venice 8pm with Juanita Mantz & Dennis Callaci
4/21 Highpoint Brewing, San Dimas, 5pm with Joel Huschle, Dennis Callaci, Sean Pravica & music by Nima Kazerouni & Refrigerator acoustic
4/22 Chevalier’s Books, Los Angeles, 6pm, with Adam Greenfield
4/30 Adobe Books, San Francisco, 3pm, with Marc Zegans and Meghan Guidry