Nima Kazerouni is a busy guy. Besides being in So Many Wizards (first Shrimper appearance on the double CD “Smooth Sounds” six years back), he is also in the bands Nectarines and Crown Plaza. What is striking to me about Kazerouni and the projects he is involved in is his unique style of singing, his twist of a phrase and his lack in this day and age of adding digital whip cream all over everything. I ordered the pancakes, sure, but I am an adult. Please don’t blueberry smiley face, coat them in powdered sugar nor chemical lick the back of their faces as you prepare my plate. I ordered three, face down. I am going to pour this gin on them, so save your syrup for Sufjan Stevens or what’s her name. Hey, nothing against them, nothing against them at all, I am only just saying I ain’t into confectioner sugar.

Nima’s latest song is one of them home recordings with him alone at the board. Those are the kind of final exams I love. You get to see every aspect of the artist in plain sight, wholly, in that light. They are writing the script, casting the actors, directing the movie, scoring the piece. The kid just supple wristed my high score on Defender with this song, it is a bruiser. Nima is at work on a full length release due in the new year on Shrimper. The Pancakes you ask? well I hop, I Denny’s, I drilled a hole in my coffee cup with my car keys as a trick on this here waiter for an endless refill. I had time. That waiter, he hated me. He checked on my coffee after forty minutes, asked if I was interested in buying the restaurant, then disappeared again. I was unsurprised when it became another boarded up building in a bored old world. This tape by Nima, it will fit in your one hot little hand in the sweaty little city that we reside in come 2021.

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