Numerology, it is one of the lesser arts in these Wiccan times as even when algebra or calculus is dressed up with a hardcore edge, it is still a hard sell. Falcon Eddy is out to change that with “Minute Ten”, the fantastic new song of theirs that doubles with a video for the days of yore that stretch and stretch hubba bubba style into months. 96 seconds, that is the length of singles in this flash fiction swipers paradise, and that is what we have here. Drummer/band member Erica Tyron has directed the video which enhances the action of this late bloomer song of the summer. Amy Maloof sings of a perfect night, and Benjamin Orr ditches the suits at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame mausoleum to put in a hilarious cameo. Numerology? “#2 Record” is due out shortly and though the ladies are drinking & causing havoc on a Wednesday night in the video, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have time to check the face of their watches, do a quick survey of the land in preparation for turning the equations and axis of the thing inside out, mathematically, piece by piece. Don’t park in their spot unless you want your engine disassembled and sent back to yer folks in tiny black bags. Check the video here, then visit the bands site below to hear more.

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