Megan Siebe has been writing and recording music for two decades. Her string arrangements dot recordings by The Renderers, Simon Joyner, Cursive, Refrigerator and others. I am so thrilled to have a copy of her debut record in hand as I write this, a co-release between Shrimper & Grapefruit. That this record is out today, August the 27th, is poetic. It is the perfect veranda tonic when the A/C doesn’t work on a humid summer eve. Tennessee Williams.  I think of August Wilson.  Albee too, I don’t know why.  It is literature that comes to mind when I play this record.

    I remember being in Omaha for a week one summer, the windows were screened and opened the entire time.  Fireflies.  It sounded like this gorgeous record by Megan Siebe.  She is my John Bonham or Dewey Redman –  easy to not even hear her in the recordings that she has done because her playing is that of an empath.  She does whatever it is that needs to be done.  No smoke blow bullshit.  Playing in C minor for eight minutes if needed.  Siebe?

    This record of hers is everything about her that I know, that for a decade I have arms distance loved, it is all here.  You need a simple shrug?  You need a two AM ledge talk down?  It is all here on this stately debut record of hers.   My favorite artists are the ones that are not trying to impress me.  I said bye bye to the Bill Bruford grilled cheese beard stroking society when I was 14.  I was a servant for most of my life & understand the roll of the server.  See?  Siebe, she does what has to be done, I mean, religiously, in whatever guise you find her.  This record of hers serves her songs.  She does not over arch, does not Paris of plaster, caulk the minor disasters, no, she has faith in you.  You will see it for what it is worth. She is like that.  Light footed, laughing off the heartache, and moving forward, not moving on.  August.  The windows are open, and if you are quiet, you can hear everything in this record of hers.  

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