Jeff Fuccillo & Allen Callaci are calling you from home

Jeff Fuccillo, a seasoned Shrimper vet who played in the band Irivng Klaw Trio before going solo and running his Union Pole label has been collaborating with Refrigerator’s Allen Callaci on a series of songs written in the eighties by neither of them. What would Allen Callaci, who has collaborated with Adam Lipman and Buckethead among others, be doing recording a Bryan Adams song with the guitar player Fuccillo whose most well known collaborative recordings are those he did with John Fahey? Well, you’ll have to ask one of them. Luckily for you, they are both wearing masks, so should you run into either of them on the street, keep your cool and push your greasy Dorito fingers back up the spine of your own CVS mask as you pose the question of the moment to either one of them. Highlights thus far are a reread of a Tina Turner power ballad and a Pavement cover stripped of its irony.  Check out the latest entry where they cover not only a song, but the video as well.

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