Heroes and Villains

I spent a long time in one corner or other thinking about these things when I was little. Then, I thought about them once the lobes had formed and so much of it concluded the same way then. But now, I am older, and I don’t care, and yeah, a lot of Joseph Campbell can fade and the hull of Mark E. Smith can rise. Someone has to be wrong if someone else is right. Libra, take the scales, as I am exhausted.

Please let Victoria Waddle explain it further, as she has no use for yer bitcoin or big coin. She is one of them that has seen so much that she don’t need no Hollywood Bowl $5 binocular rentals when she is watching Rufus and Chaka, Clinton without a Parliament, Kisses whose decks are missing aces. Here is something gorgeous that she wrote. Victoria Waddle. One of my 21st century heroes: