Heimito Kunst Shrimper cassette out April 22

On his second release, Italy’s Heimito Kunst further explores his brand of minimalist, personal psych that is in league with two of my favorite Youngs (Richard & La Monte,  apologies to Angus, Loretta, Malcolm & Neil).  He further expands his palette by adding tuba and voice (used as drone) to Post Exoticism.  First edition is a hand dubbed, numbered edition of 100 featuring artwork & hand painted covers by Dennis Callaci with hand scrawled orange cassette shells. 

Synthesizers, field recordings, magnetic tapes together with percussion, various microphones and stringed instruments fill the listening of this musical elegy. In his debut album Heimito Künst takes us inside kaleidoscopic sound visions in which, between references to the darkest and most disturbing kraut sound and experimental sequence plans based on noise polyrhythms, he makes us glimpse wave structures that lead us directly to breathe the author’s panic dust. – It’s Psychedelic Magazine

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