Bamboo Dart Press is born! Meg Pokrass’ “The Loss Detector” out this Friday.

I have seventh heavened myself to death knowing that flash fiction trailblazer Meg Pokrass jumped on board to be the first train out of the station for Bamboo Dart Press, a new publishing arm that Mark Givens and I have partnered on. Pokrass’ book “The Loss Detector” is out this Friday. You can pick up the book this Friday direct from Bamboo Dart or at brick and mortar shops as well as large distributors/online portals Revolver USA, Grapefruit, Ingram, Amazon, Mid Heaven et al starting October 22nd. The trailer below features script from the book and images of the author over a bed of music by Callaci.

Meg Pokrass “The Loss Detector”

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